Our Brands

Whet Design
Sunrise, FL, USA

Whet Design is a premium golf and lifestyle brand based out of Miami Beach. We focus on creating sportswear that combines fashion, fit, and performance, and strive to provide our customers with unparalleled playability and quality, while keeping style at the forefront. We only use the best materials in the business, aiming for a look that is stylistically fresh and sophisticated, and for tailored golf collections that will have everyone taking a second glance. Our dream is to offer you a new energy through each thread of fabric, vibrancy of color, and a feel that only Miami can deliver.

Jones Golf Bag
Portland, OR, USA    

Jones Sports Company has crafted iconic single strap carry bags for the game of golf since its founding in 1971. The Portland, OR brand has long sought to simplify the golf bag, ridding it of frivolous design and unnecessary clutter, to create a bag that players truly enjoy carrying. Jones is dedicated to recreating vintage flair and capturing nostalgia, all the while paying tribute to the legacy of the game by utilizing pure and traditional designs.

Iliac by Bert Lamar
Carlsbad, CA, USA

Iliac is the perfect blend of timeless style and design quality meet with today modern edge. It is the Now of Golf.
Iliac's Founder and designer Bert La Mar says:
"My vision has always been to create something UNIque, something special, something not available everywhere, EXClusive,
something ready to meet the demands fueled by your passion,
real core golf with roots to the past and arms in the future." Bert La Mar

Cross Sportswear
Stockholm, Sweden

Life and sport have a lot in common. We need to get from point A to point B. But it’s more to it than that. It’s how we get there and what we do in between that matters.
It’s how we handle the challenges we come across along the way. To keep on going when everything seems to be going against us. To walk straight and keep our heads held high when it seems like the weight of the world is on our shoulders. That state of mind is what separates us. Because the easier you think something is, the harder it will be. The tiniest adversity will feel like the end of the world. But where others quit, our journey begins. We never back down from a challenge, no matter what stands before us. On the contrary. We find them. We embrace them. We love them. Because at the end of it, there’s always a reward. A prize that makes us stronger, faster and better. And we’ll do it in style and have fun all the way – from point A to point B.
Cross Sportswear is a Swedish company that was founded in 1986 with headquarter in Stockholm. We design and produce highly functional golf and ski wear for passionate athletes.

Leicester, United Kingdom  

Chervo Sportswear
Costermano, Italy    

Chervò is a prestigious brand of sportswear, designed for the golf-course and dedicated to leisure time. It is designed for customers who love to express their own individuality and lifestyle by wearing innovative and high-quality items of clothing and accessories.
Chervò dedicates its collections to those who enjoy an active, chic life that aspires to excellence.
Chervò accompanies its customers from moments of sheer relaxation to the commitment on the golf-course, always guaranteeing a most selected dress-code with high-performance technical garments for the sportsman or woman.
Chervò wins with you, with its CHIC-TECH style!
Chervò ...Wherever, Whenever.

Field + Senet
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Modern Golf Apparel

Red Deer, Canada  

Longball was created by three Canadian guys passionate about the game of golf and the lifestyle that goes along with it. They were out of university, working full time and looking for a way to stay connected with the sport while supporting one of their long times friends who was turning professional. With the baby boomers retiring the creators had noticed a gap in the industry where there was a strong need for a young, fun brand that was developed by the player for the player…and so Longball Inc. was launched.

A Canadian brewed company inspiring athletes around the world to work
hard and play harder. Our uniquely designed performance apparel and
accessories promote this lifestyle before, during and after the game.

Breaking the traditional mold of golf, making Longball an essential part of everyone’s lifestyle.